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In the meantime, check out our list of awesome services we recommend to all musicians.

DIAMOON MEDIA – An amazing service for organic Spotify, YouTube, and/or additional SoundCloud promotion. All of their promotion is organic, and really helps when it comes to Spotify’s algorithm pushing your music. This is due to the streams coming from real listeners while being promoted alongside similar artists.

HYPEDDIT – This service has been around for 5+ years. It started out as a simple follow-2-download gate-way service which enables musicians to offer their fans free downloadable content and in return, receive followers on SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook etc. They now cover TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, alongside email collection. This is extremely powerful due to its ease of use and reliability, while also providing other awesome features such as their top 100 chart, spotlight promotion and blog pitching.

REPOST EXCHANGE – We absolutely love this service for growing on SoundCloud! It’s free to use, with the option to pay a little extra to receive additional promotion and/or save time. It thrives on the principle of artists helping other artists. Users collect points for following, reposting, liking, and commenting on songs. Points can then be spent on receiving promotion from others. We also like the fact that Repost Exchange actively check how active accounts are and adjust points accordingly. We recommend using Hypeddit and Repost Exchange together to generate awesome SoundCloud growth!

DITTO – This is our #1 choice for distribution because it does absolutely everything you need, alongside fantastic customer support. It’s £19 per year for unlimited releases. From our experience, songs have always reached stores properly, and royalties have been received on time. You can distribute your music to all the major stores. You can also use split-pay which allows you to send % of royalties to any collaborators – This is huge and we think it’s a must have for all artists collaborating on new music, now, or in the future. 

MOOSEND – This is our #1 choice for email marketing. Emails are delivered properly. Customer service is great. You can automate emails with ease. They also have a ‘rich text editor’ that allows users to send emails that look more natural. Email marketing (sending your music to your fans) is an integral part to any musicians success.

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